My name is Josh Ivey and I own 1997 Peterbilt with a N14 460 Cummins with a Pittsburgh power on it. I bought a Lipe clutch April 2011. I purchased the 2400 ft. lb. torque clutch. I was skeptical at first because I had never heard of them before. I went ahead and purchased one and had it installed and boy was I happy with it in the first day. The installer didn’t take the three bolts out of the pressure plate and it was slipping. I called Lipe and they gave me Bob Anderson’s phone number and he told me what to do, excellent customer service by the way. I took the bolts out in a truck stop parking lot and readjusted the clutch with what I could find which was a pry bar. Very easy to adjust and that is the only time it’s ever been adjusted 100+ thousand miles and still pulling strong!! I will never buy another clutch besides a Lipe clutch. I recommend them to everyone I talk to.